Meeting challenges today for the future

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AVID LISTENERS: At the workshop
AVID LISTENERS: At the workshop


What are the qualities of a "teacher of tomorrow"?

The teachers of over 150 schools had come prepared to learn more at the NIE Coordinators Meet organised by The Hindu recently. The meet proved to be a break from routine and also gave the teachers an opportunity to indulge in some serious discussion. An interactive session on "Future challenges of teachers" saw enthusiastic participation from teachers.

Hands on

They spoke on their classroom experiences and came out with suggestions. They identified the challenges of "future teachers" and exchanged ideas to overcome them. The debate was lively and in the end, they came out with a cluster of suggestions on how to remain a successful teacher in future. The participating teachers said that teachers in the past were dependent on the chalk and blackboard method and there was no interface between the teacher and the students. There was one-sided dialogue delivery and students just used to listen. The present day teacher is more enterprising and he or she has incorporated activity-based teaching. As students have become techno-savvy, the teacher is not the only source of information and this has led to a situation where teachers are competing with their students to keep updated on subjects. Though a teacher has remained a guide to their students, in a way, he or she has become a competitor, they opined. Earlier, teachers were networked through books where as now they have to look for new mediums to gather information. The teacher of tomorrow will have to walk along the side of students. They need to be updated on a regular basis and evolve from one side of the table to the other side. The biggest challenge for a teacher of tomorrow would be to handle children from multi-cultural background, as the world is becoming a global village. They said that the teacher of tomorrow, to meet the futurewould have to be inquisitive, informative and innovative.



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