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Learn to speed count: At the Abacus
Learn to speed count: At the Abacus


Having problems with Maths? Join the Brain Gym.

Mathematical problems never cease to haunt. But just when the phobia was getting the better of them, an amazing solution came their way in the form of abacus math.

Known as an excellent means to master mental arithmetic skills, abacus is gaining popularity fast in the student community. Making the best of its increasing popularity, a number of institutions offering courses in abacus math have mushroomed in the city.

Regular practice of abacus helps children in many ways. Besides excelling in academics through improved concentration, comprehension, retention and recall, logical reasoning and speed and accuracy of computing skills, the course enables the learner enjoy the fun of learning and reduce stress. “A student becomes more attentive in the classroom as he or she can grasp lessons faster. It also eggs them on to compete and win,” says G.V.D. Madhusudhana Rao, area head of the Vijayawada chapter of SIP Abacus and Brain Gym Programme.

Keep practising

The SIP, which started by enrolling 50 students in two of its branches opened in the city in 2007, has expanded to six branches at Bhavanipuram, Vidyadharapuram, One Town, Satyanarayapuram, Machavaram, Gurunanak Colony and Mogulrajpuram. Close to 500 students attend the training sessions at SIP coaching centres once a week. Besides four regular classes, there are four practice sessions every month to hone the students' concentration power.

“Abacus is not just about enhancing one's mathematical skills; it helps in the overall development.

Most parents come to us with complaints of lack of concentration or weak memory of their child. It takes the first few initial months for the child to get over the math phobia,” he explains.

While the SIP offers a 11-level course comprising a foundation level, advance level and grand module level, each institute has its own exclusive curriculum chalked out to teach the children how to do number crunching with aplomb.

The foundation levels are aimed at training the learner on how to make effective use of abacus for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As he shows signs of improvement, he graduates to the advance levels dealing confidently with decimals and other complex numerical problems.



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