Making each other happy

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Susie, Sara and Ashwin were rather mean to each other. And then mother called them and explained.

Susie, Sara and Ashwin belonged to one family. The mornings in their home were very busy. One day Mother had guests and she asked Susie to help her set the table. Susie was in a bad mood and would not help. So Mother asked Sara. Sara had not finished her homework and so she could not help. Ashwin was only a little boy. He said, “ Mother I will help you.” He put the plates and glasses on the tables. Mother gave him a big hug because he helped her and made her happy.

The next day, Sara could not find her shoes. “ Will you help me find my shoes?” she asked Ashwin. Ashwin had just woken up and he was too sleepy to help her. So Susie said, “ I will help you.” They found the shoes under the bed.

In the evening Susie needed a pencil. “ Can I borrow your pencil Sara?” she asked.

“No”, said Sara angrily. “Go and find your own. Can’t you see I’m busy?” Susie was very sad. Mother was sad too because she knew that in the morning Susie helped Sara find her shoes. Ashwin was making a noise with his car.

A little flower

“Shut up you silly boy,” said Susie after some time. “Can’t you see I’m doing my homework? If you make any more noise I will break your car.” Ashwin was sad because Susie said something mean to him.

Mother called the children together and said, “Everyone in our family is like this flower. When we help each other and do things for each other and say nice things to each other the flower is fresh and beautiful. When we are unkind and mean the flower is sad and dries up and is no longer beautiful to see.”

They saw that the flower was very sad and drooping.

“Who do you think this flower is?” asked Mother.

“It feels like me,” said Susie.

“No it feels like me,” said Ashwin.

“It feels like me too,” said Sara.

“That’s because you have all been mean to each other. Nobody likes to see a drooping flower. To make it better we need to give the flower some water. To make each other better we need to say kind things and help each other again.”

The children understood and began to make each other happy again.



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