Disney Channel's Art Attackhost Gaurav brings you an exciting new idea.


Step 1

Take a plastic bowl.

Step 2

Take a paper strip and wrap it around the bowl. Measure the cardboard with this strip.

Step 3

Cut the cardboard and stick it on the bowl.

Hello friends! Let's make a ‘Birthday Party Box' and make your birthday party memorable. You can keep all your party food in these attractive boxes.

Step 4

Wrap it and stick with paper tape .

Step 5

Use art attack paste and stick pieces of old newspaper all over the cardboard.

Step 6

Now colour/paint the party box after you havetraced the design you want on the birthday party box.


Use bright colours to make your party box look attractive.

You will need:

Plastic bowls

Thin cardboard


Paper tape


Art attack paste (equal

amounts of glue and water)



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