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Jithin S.J: Master craftsman
Jithin S.J: Master craftsman


He needs broomsticks but he is no witch.


Three years ago as a 12 year old studying in Std V11 at Trinity Lyceum in Kollam, Jithin S.J. proved to his school that he was a budding craftsman with a unique talent. He had then crafted a mini replica of his alma mater with palm frond broomsticks. That piece of art is proudly exhibited by his principal, S. John, in his office. Jithin said that he has inherited his talent from his father.

Exhibitions and more

And that was just the start. Then one day he crafted the model of a small house with broom sticks and had the chance of exhibiting it on school day. It attracted the attention of one of his teachers who asked him whether he could craft the model of the school. “I was not confident but told my teacher that I would try," he said. His father promised support. Soon Jithin sat to work at night after studies and supper working for an hour every night. Slowly a mini Trinity Lyceum began to take shape from broomsticks that passed through his gifted hands.

When the work was completed, the model looked as though it was made by a professional.

When it was presented to the principal at the school assembly, the whole school cheered with thundering applause.

Three years later, Jithin now said that he is at ease with the craft and desires creating some the models of the famous buildings with broomsticks. But being in the Std X, the main priority is studies. Mr. John said that Jithin’s unique talent has always been encouraged.



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