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Nobody’s dog : On the streets.
Nobody’s dog : On the streets.


There are many animals in the city that need care and shelter…

All animal lovers say that their pets have strong bonds with their owners, and don’t have to communicate through speech.

But do all animals share such strong bonds with people? We’ve all seen animals — dogs, for example, on the streets that look unhappy, ill or starved. They don’t have a home, people who care for them, food or even a bath. They often find food by scavenging in garbage dumps, or snapping up leftovers in meat shops. These are dogs that need help — to be fed, given a bath and shelter. Because they live in unhealthy surroundings, they become sick, and in turn spread diseases. In the wild, nature maintains a balance in the number of animals in an area. There can never be too many deer if there are enough tigers to feed on them! But in the cities, nature’s balance does not have a place to function.

Wild and hungry

Sometimes you may have seen dogs moving about in packs — these can even be dangerous, as they can attack people. They can be ferocious, and fight among themselves too.

It’s not just dogs on the streets that need help. There are other animals too, like cows, buffaloes, goats and pigs.

Out on city streets, cows eat plastic bags, paper, pins, nails, even slippers and shoes! Not only is this really bad for the cows, it’s common sense that the milk they produce is polluted.

The Blue Cross of India and People for Animals take active part in caring for animals abandoned on the street.

If you find an animal that is lost or abandoned, or looks like it could be dangerous, you could call one of these societies. Their contact numbers are: Blue Cross of India, (Velachery): (+044)22300655, (+044) 22300666; People for India, (Choolaimedu): (+044)26693956



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