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Creative construction:At the competition
Creative construction:At the competition


It was learning with oodles of fun.

What could be more wonderful than being able to learn while you play with your favourite toys? Manisha Solanki, a child psychologist, has been helping many kids do just that!

Manisha who is the Vice-President of Ludus Land, Prasads', Hyderabad, tells us, “Through creative and constructive activities with Lego blocks we help children between the age groups four and 16 learn and understand various subjects- physics, environment, geography, history, maths and even English!”

Subjects too

“For instance, we give them a topic like “My trip to Disney Land” with which we help them learn the mechanism of rides and the practical implication of scientific principles of speed, velocity, inertia and friction by making them construct various models. It's a lot of fun and they end up absorbing a lot more than they do at school,” she adds.

Manisha's concept has helped many children, including some who are autistic, become more creative, focused, develop eye-hand co-ordination and observation skills.

“They've basically learnt how to question things, understand how they work. These activities go a long way on the personal, emotional and social development of a child,” says Manisha.

Of value

T. Srikanth, the General Manager of Prasads, who inaugurated the Ludus Lego Challenge tells us, “Ludus is a great value addition to Prasads! Their edutainment concept is excellent.”

The challenge was based on three categories: creative construction for the four to six-year olds, construction of simple machines for six to eight-year olds and construction of robots for the 8-16year olds. The children were given 45 minutes to construct their projects based on the given themes. With a lot of excitement being generated by the children and some major brainstorming being done too, some wonderful results were seen. The final winners of the competition were: Creative animix construction: (Team Tiger): Ananya, Vaibhav, Anirudh (four to eight years); Creative fairy tale creative construction: (Team Bambie) - Pia, Dheer, Aaryan (four to eight years); Lego simple machines construction: (Team Robogator) - Abhinav, Sriram, Prasanna eight to 16years) and Lego mindstorms robot construction and programming: (Team Robotiger)-Siddharth, Angad, Revanth, Avi.

Says Siddahrth, Std. IV from Oakridge, “Ludus has definitely helped me develop my skills and concentration. In robotics we need to be extremely focused, even a single mistake can make the entire effort fruitless.

So at the end of the day, there's a lot to learn: teamwork , co-ordination and much, much more!”



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