Folktales presented through theatre is powerful.

Theatre is probably one of the oldest art forms that has existed and centuries later, it still continues to stay alive.

“Desi Tales” (Chitti Chinarula Kadhalu) – a play in Telugu by the theatre group Nishumbita, with children between the age groups of eight to 14 was staged at Ravindra Bharathi recently. The play consisted of five folk tales from five directions of the country and had all been translated into Telugu.

Different themes

Each of these folk tales depicted the importance of various virtues like, teamwork, wisdom, genuineness, sharing and truth. The children enacted these stories through song and dance and did a brilliant job. The chorus' lively introduction to each story held the audience's attention throughout and not to forget, the perfect delivery of dialogues by all the characters.

The production which was dramatised by Sowmya Ram Holagundi and directed by the highly reputed theater director, trainer and teacher Ram Mohan Holagundi, was creativity at its finest. Mr. Holagundi, who is considered an expert in the field of children's theater, has directed several plays on social issues

This experience was a first for many of the actors but the only thing that showed on stage was their confidence. “This is my first performance and I enjoyed it,” said 11-year old Shravan whose aim is to continue entertaining people with his acting ability. Avinash, also 11 years old, said it was a great experience working with someone like Mr. Ram Mohan Holagundi and they had worked really hard to make the play a success. “I enjoy everything about acting. We've been practicing for one and a half months for this.”

The hard work put in was very evident and was executed perfectly, proving that theater is not only an art form but can also be an effective medium for learning as well.