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Balancing act: Fun and exercise
Balancing act: Fun and exercise


The holidays might be getting over but the need to remain fit continues.

With just a few more days to go, before the schools reopen, you must be out to make the most of it! And this includes lazing, watching TV and munching on their favourite snacks making you less active. However, most of you have found a way to exercise and keep fit as you gear up for school.

Simple measures

Jean, Std VIII, feels that of late she has put on weight as she didn't pay much attention to physical activities. Sitting in class the whole day, attending tuitions, watch television, eating and sleeping has made for my sedentary routine. Summer holidays too were spent relaxing.

However, I have realised that regular exercise plays a vital role in building a good body image. “Now I walk for about half-an-hour in the morning and play tennis with my sister in the evening,” she adds.


Besides enjoying the benefits of regular exercise, if you are physically fit you sleep well and are equipped to handle physical and emotional challenges you will be faced with once school begins. Once school reopens you will hardly have any time to exercise. And these small measures during holidays will go a long way in maintaining fitness after the summer break too.

Snehal, of Std VI says that she loves playing hopscotch and loves to skip too.

For me, fun is when I meet my friends in the mornings and play hopscotch. It's not only a great physical exercise it also helps in improving the balance and co-ordination of the body.

“Skipping too is one of the finest forms of aerobic exercise as it keep me energised through the day, adds Snehal.

For Rizwan, of Std VIII cycling is the best way to keep fit. “It gives me the freedom as I can travel to my friend's place and it is fun. Since I play football it also helps me build my leg muscles as I hardly play during holidays. I also walk our dog in the mornings. “Sometimes I jog along with it or simply throw a stick to the dog, giving myself some rigorous exercise routine all in the name of fun,” he adds.



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