I am sitting on the second floor balcony watching the rain. The scenery is so beautiful, so enchanting that it is beyond expression. The journey the little raindrop makes begins with the fluffy cloud and falls down to earth. But it is wonderful to watch the joy it brings to the faces of many. The leaves are green and shiny, wet from being exposed to these joy drops throughout the lonely night. They look up at the sky and thank it for the downpour. The water from these leaves trickle down to the soil beneath and it gives me sudden joy I can’t express. The birds, with their wings fluffed up sit under the sunshade watching the rain. Oh! the dark skies and the rumbling clouds look down on us little things as if to tell us that the monsoon is here.

After the scorching heat of the past few months, the rains are indeed welcome. Anticipating a cyclone my school gives us a holiday.