A ten-year old orphan, adopted by her uncle, leads a miserable life in her aunt’s house, after her uncle dies. Of course, it’s Jane Eyre. The book is a storehouse of values, and took the world by storm when it was first published.

Though written in 1847, it is a good read even today. Jane Eyre, the protagonist, fights her way out of difficult circumstances with a great deal of courage. First, it is the ill-treatment meted out to her by her aunt, then it is the death of her best friend Helen Burns, and finally it is the revelation that her lover Mr. Edward Rochester is already married.

She completes her studies and then works as a teacher. Yearning for change, she applies for a job as a governess for a little French girl, Adele. It is here that she falls in love with Mr. Rochester. They plan their wedding meticulously, but at the deciding moment, it is revealed that Mr. Rochester is already married and his wife is still alive. From this point the story takes many twists and turns. It is for you to read and find out: Does Jane Eyre marry Mr. Rochester?

This novel tells readers about the need for boldness, courage and adjustment contributing to a prosperous life. It is both an entertaining as well as a realistic novel. It is a must read for everyone, young and the old.