It's time to open your lunch box!

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SANDWICHES: Healthy options.
SANDWICHES: Healthy options.


What you eat in school will reflect on your health.

It is common to see children pick up their lunch boxes and rush out of the classrooms the moment the break bell rings. But is the right stuff going into the lunch box? Ragini opens her lunch box one afternoon and finds carrot fingers along with some chapathis, dal mixed with greens and a banana. Sitting next to her is Sonia who has in her box, rice with fish curry and pieces of de-boned fish, slices of cucumber and tomatoes and an orange. Each one of the lunch boxes of the fifteen children in the group has a different menu to name.

Delicious options

"We cannot always give what children want", is a common refrain of mothers. Many times children might want to carry dry lunch, especially that which is available in bakeries and shops which are otherwise known as `junk food', which are not only known for high calorie content but also for making children fat. Paediatric nutrition specialists consider home cooked food as the best for children at all times. But careful and limited consumption of other food also provides a refreshing change. But great care should be taken while choosing such food as children are easy prey to harmful chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colouring agents and flavours. Measured doses of poultry and dairy products especially cheese and eggs that usually are packed with sandwiches in the lunch boxes should be moderately used. Sandwiches are wholesome in nature. Throw in a few slices of boiled potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, a leaf or two of lettuce sprinkled with pepper and salt and butter on the bread slices and a great snack is ready. Athletic children who are into sports can burn calories faster than sedentry kids so they can take liberties with the quantity. Dr. B.M. Hegde says the best advice is to `eat only when hungry'.



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