Innovative communication

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NEW LESSONS?: The children interact with the celebrity.
NEW LESSONS?: The children interact with the celebrity.


It is time we thought of people with special needs, says Raageshwari Loomba.

"People who are physically challenged see the beauty of the soul much more than normal people," said Raageshwari Loomba, brand ambassador of India Deaf Expo.The singer, who has launched her new music album "Sagari Rayn" after a break of six years was in Coimbatore to participate in an international conference on innovative technologies and education of the hearing impaired.She visited Kasturba Gandhi Oral School for the hearing impaired, Mahatma Gandhi Centre, in Varadarajapuram and interacted with the hearing impaired students of UKG to Std. VIII. "We are trying to bring in funds to make the kind of equipment available abroad to people here too. We have also had conversations with the news channels about running scrolls, so that people with hearing impairment are totally independent," she added.Raageshwari interacted with the students in sign language and said the children have sharper senses. "I have seen a lot of dance programmes by children, the speed with which they pick up the rhythm is unbelievable," she says. The singer has launched a free visual CD for the deaf along with her music album.She says it is the responsibility of every individual to nurture society. "When a hearing impaired person goes to the U.S., or for that matter any other country, and if he wants to set an alarm, it is so simple. He can set it through the telephone and they have vibrating beds and flickering lights to wake them up. Also, to help hearing impaired couples respond immediately when their child cries, they have flickering lights that are sensitive to sound. They have even given thought to how such people would call an ambulance, police or fire brigade in an emergency," she said.

An awakening

The singer was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy in 2000 and it took her 12 months to recover. "The break taught me to look at life from a broader perspective and I want to tell youngsters that if you want bigger success invite more hurdles and fight it out," she added.Raageshwari said smaller steps taken by celebrities would go a long way in creating awareness on human rights among the public. "If one act of yours could help someone, the mission is accomplished. Structurally and on a day-to-day basis we have rarely thought about the level of comfort for the physically challenged in any sector, be it airports, hotel or entertainment. Empowering them will help in their growth intellectually and emotionally," she added.



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