Hans Christian Andersen was born in the Danish city of Odense on April 2, 1805. In 2005, the bicentennial of his birth was celebrated all over the world. Post Danmark also celebrated the occasion by way of issuing four special stamps.Andersen's father was a shoemaker and his mother was a washerwoman. His childhood home was poor, but his father opened up a rich and fantastic cultural world for him with everything from fairy tales and puppet theatre. Andersen wrote numerous novels, short stories, travel accounts, poems, biographies, articles and humorous essays. Another major aspect of his artistic production consisted of his drawings and paper cuts.The DKK 4.50 stamp shows a portrait of Hans Christian Andersen while the DKK 5.50 stamp shows characteristic paper-cut as well as his own scissors which are now on display in the museum in Odense. The DKK 6.50 stamp shows his original manuscript. The motif of the DKK 7.50 shows his drawing of the Casino dell'Orologio in Rome where he spent Christmas in 1833. The stamp also shows his Moroccan travelling boots, which he probably bought while visiting Morocco in 1862.