How to get those perfect marks

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TESTING TIME: Make use of the ;tips at the exams.
TESTING TIME: Make use of the ;tips at the exams.


Check out these pointers that can help you at the exams.

During the board exams students start making various strategies to secure maximum marks under pressure and this leads them to forget important points while inside the examination hall. Students feel terribly nervous and forget what they have learnt before the exams. The reasons cited apparently are: students are not clear with concepts. They do not revise what they have learnt, lack of practice, careful reading is absent, and so on. Here are points the students will find helpful to prepare well and concentrate on the exams.*Don't mess around with many reference books and tutors at the eleventh hour. It creates confusion.* While preparing for exams, don't play music. It hinders concentration.*Avoid phone calls. If possible switch off your cell phone while studying.*Avoid drinking too much coffee.*Do sleep for at least six hours to feel fresh.While inside the examination hall, take care of following points to secure good marks:* Pick important points, definitions and headings. Jot them down with relevant explanations and learn them by writing. * Once you have taken on a long answer question split that into 2-3 paragraphs. But don't miss the crux, pen everything with great precision and underline the points to highlight. * Be particular about format prescribed by the CBSE, use standard vocabulary, avoid clichés.* Maintain a good and legible handwriting, don't criss-cross. * Leave two-line margin between two questions.*Attempt in a sequence, do mention the section whether A or B with question number. *Don't leave too much margin on either side of the answer sheet. * Speed up your handwriting right from the beginning so as to avoid silly mistakes in the end. * Don't use green ink. Use black or black blue only, write the headlines or underline the points to highlight.*Complete the exam well before time and take an overview thereafter.* Don't' argue with the invigilator.* Don't forget your admit card either at home or in the examination hall. Always crosscheck before leaving home or hall that it is secure in your possession.



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