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Anirudh livens up his holidays with a touch of the supernatural.

Big Neem, Red Jaguar and Mrs Samson's Lammergeir may sound like the name of a perfect collision story between car, tree and bird with blood, leaves and brains splattered all around at the end but that's just one instance of the author's teasing wit. It is actually three stories with one character playing an important and almost lead role though not really linking the tales up. Holidays with nothing to do can be boring but as Anirudh discovers there's nothing like the supernatural to liven things up. The first story is a lively tale of death or rather friendship beyond death and is spookily charming. The second tale is also about friendship but stresses more on parental love especially from beyond the grave. On a holiday to Senkote, Anirudh meets Kavita and together they have an adventure of a lifetime. Of the three it is Mrs Samson's Lammergeir that rings an odd note. An interestingly developed premise, the tale tends to meander, with the end coming unexpectedly. Big Neem, Red Jaguar and Mrs Samson's Lammergeir, Ranjit Lal, Rupa & Co, Rs 295



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