For three days from October 25 the road near the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium at Kaloor reverberated with the sound of roller skates. The Ernakulam District Roller Skating Championship 2008 was recently held here. The event, organised by the Ernakulam District Roller Skating Association (EDRSA) is recognised by the Kerala Roller Skating Association and the Roller Skating Federation of India. The main venue for the event was the Greets Public School, Kaloor. More than 500 participants registered for the competition. This more than the number last year, organisers said.

There were separate competitions in Quad and Inline for boys and girls of different age groups. Competitions were held in three separate categories - speed skating, artistic skating and roller hockey. Apart from this, there were demonstration events in inline free skating, solo dance and dance skating (couple). Participants were divided into sub junior, junior and senior categories. For the roller hockey competition those aged between 8 to 12 years were considered sub juniors, those between 12 and 16 as juniors and the participants aged over 16 were treated as seniors.

Medals and merit certificates were given to those securing first, second and third positions. Others were given certificates. Ernakulam district were the overall champions in the State Roller Skating Championship for three consecutive years from 2005.

The district also made history by contributing for the first ever time a member to the Indian team that participated in the World Speed and Track Skating Championship held in Columbia in 2007.