Vinita's friends were amazed at how her garden had been transformed. But then they realised that whatever Grandpa did, he aimed for perfection.

Vinita invited all her friends for her brother's birthday party. It was an opportunity for her friends to meet Vinita's grandparents who had come on a holiday. When they entered their premises Rahul was surprised to see the wonderful transformation in Vinita's garden. In fact everyone noticed it. It used to be untended and neglected and weeds grew all over the place. But now it looked beautiful.


Soon the party began. Vinita's friends discovered that the grandparents were very different . They were young at heart and thoroughly enjoyed the party. Grandpa even playing some tunes on the keyboard which he had learnt from Vinita and Grandma sang some songs. Grandpa was given a big applause. Grandpa accepted the applause with humility but he was not done yet. He declared that next year he will fare better as he was keen on improving his keyboard skills.

Rahul was amazed as he had almost lost interest in playing the keyboard but Grandpa's determination was inspiring. Grandpa had other hobbies too like gardening and painting. So now Rahul understood how the garden had been transformed. No doubt Grandpa had given his heart and soul to it.

“Grandpa is good at nurturing all his plants. He has even written a few books on gardening. And all these hobbies he has taken up after retirement,” said Vinita, proudly.

“Does Grandpa have old age problems?” asked the children.

“Well he has, but he is full of zest and energy that he has no time to think of them,” said Vinita.

Vinita was also teaching her grandparents how to surf the Net to make them tech savvy.

The next day, as Rahul was going for his keyboard class, he saw Grandpa watering the plants. Rahul could see the concern he had for all plants.

“When I take up a hobby, I give my full attention to it. A half hearted approach is no better than a lukewarm, passive approach and it never accomplishes anything worthwhile at all,” said Grandpa to Vinita. What Grandpa said made sense. Vinita realised that she had neglected the garden and allowed it to grow wild.

Grandpa's efforts had really turned Vinita's garden into a mini paradise. Grandpa invited Rahul for a cup of tea. Vinita showed him a painting that Grandpa was working on. He wanted to gift it to Vinita before he left.

“It is not finished yet, Grandpa says he still needs to do some work on it,” said Vinita.

“It looks so beautiful no one can say that it is yet to be finished,” said Rahul.

Grandpa smiled and said, “Whenever you do something, strive for perfection.”

Vinita knew that when Grandpa started something he always gave his best. He was persistent and focused and he maintained the same attitude till the very end. Rahul enjoyed playing his keyboard; but then he got distracted and lost his focus. But now, he had learnt from Grandpa that he needed to give his best