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Native art: At an Etikoppaka workshop
Native art: At an Etikoppaka workshop


Environmental issues have to be tackled at the root, stressed the programme.

Dr. Ken Gnanakan, National Chairman of Programme for Environmental Awareness in Schools, said that there is solution for every environmental hazard, if the problem is tackled at its root. He was addressing a gathering of school students and teachers at ETASI Timpany School recently. Around 100 students of eight schools participated in the programme and discussed the environmental issues like better public transport to avoid air and sound pollution, garbage management and need for attitudinal change among the public on environmental issues.

Bond with nature

Speaking on the growing importance of ecological engineering,

Dr. Gnanakan said that environmental awareness is entirely different from ecological engineering; the issues have to be dealt with at all levels.

Ecological engineering is an emerging study integrating ecology and engineering, concerned with the design, monitoring and construction of ecosystems. It is a design of sustainable ecosystems aimed to integrate human society with its natural environment for the benefit of both, he said.

During the interactive session, the students spoke about the need for a proactive approach to save the environment from various hazards.



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