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Faiza Fatima Hasan
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Recycle, reduce and reuse, for a greener environment.

Have fun: Make toys by recycling paper PHOTO: P.V. SIVAKUMAR
Have fun: Make toys by recycling paper PHOTO: P.V. SIVAKUMAR

It is important for us to take care of our environment for a greener future. The simplest way to do so is by following the 3R's which are, Reduce (to reduce the amount of waste we produce and consume less), Reuse (to reuse things instead of buying new ones) and Recycle (to renew something). The best part about reusing and recycling is that it can be a lot of fun too!

Here are some things you can try at home. Begin by taking a “mould” like an old steel bowl and greasing it on the inside using petroleum jelly. Next, layer the inside of the bowl with some shredded newspapers. Once this layer is done, start laying more layers of shredded newspapers with the help of flour paste (equal quantities of flour and water mixed with a few tablespoons of salt, stirred together till smooth) to make sure they stick to each other.

Do a maximum of four layers and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Once dry, carefully take it out of the mould and paint the papier mache bowl brightly.

Once you get the hang of this you can make many more things in the same way including beads and jewellery!

Old plastic jars/containers can be given a face-lift by neatly wrapping them with masking tape all over. Once this is done you can paint it and make a collage with various images.



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