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Great ambience: Just right to enjoy a book.
Great ambience: Just right to enjoy a book.


The recently inaugurated library at the Alliance Francoise is a junior space to explore France through their literature.

Have you ever read a book in a foreign language? Or enjoyed a story in pictures? They can be great fun. Look at the Asterix comics for instance. Witty dialogues and super illustrations — do you really need to read to enjoy a good laugh? Come to the Alliance Francaise library, to check out this theory. The “Espace Jeunesse” isn’t a space station. It’s actually the junior’s space at the Alliance library.

Recently inaugurated this area is exclusively for young people to get an introduction to the French language and culture in the best way possible — exploring the literature of the country through characters like Lucky Luke and Boule et Bill. Get to know them better as you look through the lovely hard bound editions.

Reading space

The St. John’s Residential School students had come for a visit. They enjoyed rifling through the different magazines, jumping on the floor cushions and trying to name the various stuffed toys placed around. The compact disc section is exciting with interesting titles but ultimately it’s the books and magazines that were popular.

There are hardly any rules to be followed. “It’s a place for young readers to have a good time with the different books we have for them,” says Mr. Dhanapal. V who is the most benign librarian you have ever met. No looking unsmilingly over round spectacle rims, daring you to dog ear a book. Instead he is happy when young people drop by and check out the books, DVDs and CDs. He neatly arranges the shelves patiently after eager hands have ransacked them.

The room is large and airy. The windows nearly reach the floor and the sills make a comfortable seat. There is no noise to disturb the serious reader. Most of the books are in French, though your favourite Asterix and Tintin in English might lurk around. Don’t let this put you off. Maybe it’s just the start to learning French and opening up a whole new world of literary possibilities.

Call 044 28279803 and ask for the library.



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