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Well-spent: Keeping busy indoors.
Well-spent: Keeping busy indoors.


Some cool tips for the hot months.

Summer holidays have begun, and it’s a fierce sun that you all have to brave for the next two months or so. So, we thought we’d help you with a few tips to beat the heat.

The most essential intake during the hot months is the liquids. We don’t mean the soft drinks that come in various colours. There’s nothing like a glass of boiled and cooled water. Though you may be tempted to dash off for the refrigerator after a long walk under the scorching sun, having ice-cold water is a strict no-no.

The best is to go for the water stored in a mud pot. Don’t have one? Then dole out a few rupees to gift your mother an earthen pot. It will make for a sensible gift for the entire household. So, run to your piggy bank and go hunting for a pot.

Oh, and talking about going out, never do it in the afternoons. Avoid going out when the sun is at its hottest. Try early mornings or evenings, even for playing and going for walks. Don’t crib you can’t go out. There are always plenty of ways to spend time at home usefully. And, that does not mean sitting in front of the television or the computer. Read educative books, paint, or play indoor games. And, what’s more, you can even invent your own games!

The garden!

Why not try gardening in the evenings? Plant a sapling, and ensure yourself of cool environs many summers later! There’s nothing like seeing your sapling blossom into a shade-providing tree.

As for the clothes for the season, there is cotton. No other material lets your skin breathe as cotton does. So, bring out all your cotton tees, shorts, and frocks. And, if possible bathe daily in cold water.



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