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Young Shashank Agarwal does his bit for the environment by constructing houses using bricks made of cow dung.

Innovative idea:Shashank Agarwal with his eco-friendly house.
Innovative idea:Shashank Agarwal with his eco-friendly house.

There are little things that we can all do to save the planet, chipping-in in order to protect the environment that sustains us. And then, there are some who go beyond the call of duty and do something that sets them apart. being true heroes to the cause. Shashank Agarwal of Amity International School is one such example, and this Std XI student has proved his mettle, contributing to this movement in a unique way.

In most ways, Shashank is like just another kid, spending his time with friends, family and school activities. But he is also the boy who has come up with a revolutionary idea that can greatly capitalise the utilisation of resources and minimise wastage.

Natural resource

Shashank Agarwal has come up with the idea of constructing houses using bricks that are made from a mixture of straw dust and cow dung. “We were always using cow dung and water mixture as a coating item on walls and floors to give them strength. Cow dung is believed to have anti-bacterial qualities. It serves as disinfectant. It is also believed to be an excellent and inexpensive insulator. It is good for health, keeps away insects, keeps house cool in summers and warm in winters.” says Shashank.

The bricks are light-weight, an advantage during earthquakes. The normal technology of making bricks using cement and kiln is costly, and is a huge source of CO, NO, nitrates and industrial waste in the atmosphere. Shashank's method is not only cost effective, but also minimises damage to the atmosphere, and is eco-friendly.



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