The only way to make Dreamy do something about his dreams was to make them come true.

“Oh, Dreamy, whatever are you dreaming about now?” Mama Dragon asked. “This is the 2,031 {+s} {+t} time I am telling you. You should be playing or reading instead of sleeping.”

Dreamy the Dragon didn't know what to say. He loved lazing around in the afternoon sun, dreaming. His Mom was a sweetheart, but she never understood the pleasure of just dreaming.

So many dreams

One day, he would dream of going to a faraway land that was full of flowers and cool breezes that made you feel like dancing. Another day, he would imagine a shop that produced thousands of different ice-creams. He thought about which flavours he would combine and sample first – maybe he would try rich chocolate ice-cream with caramel and nuts, topped with cream, and a little bit of strawberry sauce, and chopped mangoes. He loved trying new combinations.

The problem with his habit of dreaming was that his homework never got done. And his teacher was always upset about it. And so were his parents. Everyone tried to get him to change, but he just didn't.

One fine day, his teacher had a long talk with Dreamy's Mom. At the end of it, she thought she had a solution. She called Dreamy to her desk.

“Things are going to change, Dreamy,” she said. Dreamy was scared. What was she going to say? “From now, I'll be giving you a different type of homework. You must think and dream about the topics and questions given and find the answer. And instead of just dreaming, write the answer down.” Dreamy was relieved. His teacher was not angry with him for dreaming, and the new idea sounded good.

Use your imagination

“This is nice,” Dreamy thought the next afternoon, as he imagined himself sitting on top of Jupiter. He was dreaming about planets. He needed to make a project on planets. His homework was just the same as all the others in the class, but it was worded differently – to fit his ‘Dream Time.' So he browsed through tons of books and websites to find out about planets before settling down to dream. And he dreamed – he imagined a wonderful model of the solar system, and how he could make it shiny and attractive, and how he could make the moons revolve around the planets. And soon he began working on it.

The next day, he had a beautiful model of the solar system. His teacher loved it. And that was what she did every day – she rewrote his homework questions, so that he had to think and dream about it before writing it down. And he came up with the most brilliant answers she had ever seen!