Conserving energy for a better world

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REDUCE POLLUTION: Limit the generation of waste
REDUCE POLLUTION: Limit the generation of waste


Energy conservation is an important aspect of sustainable development.

Energy conservation is an attempt to optimise the utilisation of every single unit of electricity that one uses on a day-to-day basis through energy saving equipment and commonsense.Realising the importance of spreading awareness on energy conservation among children, as they are the best persons to minimise its wastage, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the Ministry of Power has formulated a special programme for schools across the country on the subject. The project implemented by The Energy Resource Institute in association with the Energy Management Centre was launched in the State recently.As a part of the programme `Jyothis' a booklet on energy conservation was distributed to the schools. The 20 page-colour booklet offers valuable tips on how to save energy without cutting down the comforts. The booklet tells how energy can be saved to a great extent in our houses by prudently limiting the use of iron and water heaters. The tips offered include ironing clothes for a week at a time and advising family members to take bath at a stipulated time instead of re-heating the water.Through telling caricatures, the booklet shows how the indiscreet use of energy by man has led to the scarcity of fuel, shortage of electricity, closure of industrial units, environmental pollution and health hazards. The booklet warns of a future where toddlers and parents walk around sporting face-masks and oxygen cylinders attached to their back if pollution emission goes unchecked.

Check waste

The pollution level can be minimised by reducing the quantity of waste generated. Preparing food by covering the mouth of the dish while cooking and using pressure-cookers also saves time and energy to a great extent. According to the booklet around 50 per cent of the energy manufactured in the country for commercial purposes is utilised by the industrial sector.There is also a special section in the booklet that offers tips to vehicle users on the various methods of saving energy such as tuning the engine of the car periodically, using public vehicles for transportation, sharing your vehicle space with others who are also proceeding in the same direction, switching off engine at level-crossing and in traffic jams and using cycles for short commutes. The booklet concludes with a crossword puzzle that tests the student's knowledge and awareness on queries related to energy. The programme started in 12 schools in Thiruvananthapuram aims to create an awareness among children on key energy issues and build awareness and create a sense of responsibility among students on environment in general and energy conservation in particular. The Minister for Electricity A.K. Balan who inaugurated the programme said women and children are the best agents for reducing energy cost in each household through judicious selection and usage of energy efficient household equipment. K.M. Dharesen Unnithan, director, Energy Management Centre pointed out the need for extending the reach of existing energy conservation clubs in schools.



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