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Fan time: Abhishek Bachchan interacts with a girl during a promotional event for his film, “Drona”
Fan time: Abhishek Bachchan interacts with a girl during a promotional event for his film, “Drona”


Come on now take your pick, what is that you prefer, reading comics or watching cartoons?

Comparing comics with cartoons opens up the age-old debate of television vs books. Although comics tend to be harder to read than just watching a simple television show, they strengthen the vocabulary and probe the imagination.

Different readers favour different characters.

Watch some, read some

Some are meant to be watched, and some are meant to be read. While “Tom and Jerry” really belong on the silver screen, “Spider-Man” or “Marvel” comics can be read about just as happily.

“I like comics and cartoons, equally.

But reading about super heroes is what interests me the most,” says Sunny, Std. V, St. Xavier’s Convent High School.

And now what if a superhero right out of the silver screen came bang in front of you in a comic book? Will you read it?

“I prefer watching cartoons because I don’t have to turn pages. But in the case of movies like “Kkrish”, of course I would read them because “Kkrish” is a very interesting character,” says Shwetha, Std. VI, Nasr School. Ditto for “Drona” they echo.

The latest Indian hero to enter the cartoon world is “Drona”, a tale about a boy’s debut into the world of mystic myths and legendary legacies and a carefully protected age long secret and of a journey which forces him to face his fears and embrace his destiny as a hero.

The Drona comic book, “The Adventures of Drona-The Crowning” was released as a prequel to the film.

And more in the series are to follow.

So when the Drona comic series hits the market, is there likely to be a fan club waiting?

“I’d rather read Drona as a comic than have someone tell it to me as a bedtime story,” says Vikram, Std. III, Divyaanjali High School.

“I prefer comics to cartoons because there are too many advertisements on television and I can spend all day reading one comic after the other in any order I like, but I have to depend on cable network to see the cartoons I like,” says Tanya, Std. V, Nasr.

As far as characters like “Drona” are concerned, “I think the kids in the U..S. would probably read them as comics,” she adds.



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