Is there hope for this by-lane?

Imagine a road with stagnant water, with mosquitoes breeding in them, puddles and huge stones in this filthy road and to top it all up, no lights at night. This is the condition of a by-lane off the Greenways Road.

This by-lane has the Government Music College, a residential apartment block, an LPG Gas Conversion Centre and a shop.

When you enter the road, you find a garbage container, which has been left open. It is overflowing with rubbish. Don’t you think this is unhygienic? As you walk on, you have to move carefully so that you do not step in the puddles that are present there during the rainy season. This is not a tarred road. And if you were to walk this path in the night it is recommended that you carry a torch.

Disaster strikes when these problems are brought to the attention of society or the Municipal Corporation. The society and the Corporation fight over who is responsible for the road. It then becomes a blame game. Every time a problem is mentioned this is what happens. Why is it that both the Society and the Corporation are not talking about the problem and arriving at a solution?