Knowingly or unknowingly, travellers are one of the biggest litter bugs. Here’s how we can cut down on waste.

All through the year you are conscious cutting down on your waste generation. However, come travel time and all your good intentions go out of the window. There are a few things that you can do that will help reduce your waste as well as conserve resources.


The first thing to do when you go out of town is stop your newspaper. Call up your newspaper delivery person and inform them about the days you will be away.

Ask your parents to use electronic tickets for your flight, boat, train or bus. This way you do not have to print out your ticket.

If you are going on a road trip, remind your parents that the car must be serviced and made ready to improve fuel efficiency, prevent pollution and also save money.

Many hotels these days have waste reduction and energy conservation plans in place. Try to book into these hotels. Let the hotel know that it is not necessary to change your sheets and towels every day. This will save water. When you leave your room make sure you switch off all electrical devices.

Do not pick up all the brochures you find in hotel lobbies. Choose the brochure, read it and return it.

Everyone talks of ecotourism. What is it? This is the philosophy of travellers who wish to minimise their impact on the places they visit. If you wish to be an ecotourist here’s what it takes:

Take back everything you brought with you

Do not take anything from parks, historical sites or hotels

When visiting a wildlife park or zoo, leave the animals and their

habitats undisturbed

Protect and respect endangered species and wetlands

Conserve and preserve natural resources.

Do not litter. If you see litter or trash pick it up and dispose it.