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Lots more to do: Don’t let the television steal your time.
Lots more to do: Don’t let the television steal your time.


Enjoy the feeling that comes with lending a helping hand to those in your family.

There’s plenty you can do at home to ease pressure off parents and elders.

Sure, you learnt a lot about “helping others” in your moral instruction classes. But, that is not just about helping an old man cross the road or feeding an injured pup on the road. Just as charity begins at home, helping does too. The tiny little help you are at home makes it a better place for everyone around you.

For instance, it is nice when someone gets you a bowl of snacks as you rest languidly on the sofa, glued to M.A.D. on Pogo. You nag for a glass of water or soft drink, and then again for the half-eaten slab of chocolate resting in the fridge. It is invariably amma or paati, doing the job for you. But, have you ever stopped to think how annoying this can be?

Instead, when you sit for a programme, get everything ready. And, ensure you bring the elders whatever they want. The aged can be forgetful.

Wake up a little early every morning. Help your parents with watering the plants, cleaning the vehicles. Bring the milk packets and newspaper inside. Peel vegetables, fill your water bottle, keep biscuits ready in the snacks box for the school break. Take out the uniform, badge, tie, socks and shoes before you take a shower.

Never wait for your parents to sit around with you for your homework. Complete them yourself, and mark areas where you have doubts, to clear them with your parents. If there is anything you need for school tomorrow, tell your parents as soon as you return home. Not while uttering a sleepy “good night” or when your school van has arrived.

Keep things where they belong

Who said it is nice to check under the sofa for your box of wax crayons? Always place an article back from wherever you took it. For instance, the stapler, the phone book, the scissors or the glue. This way, you never have to search for it when in need, and the house is in order.

When you ease the pressure off others, you have more time on hand. May be, every evening, you could catch up with a game or two of carrom with thaathaa! Or your mother could read a story from your favourite comics.

And, more than anything else, listening to your parents is the biggest help you are doing, even to yourself. They know what is best for you. Never be stubborn and adamant. After all, they give their all only to ensure you have a great life.



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