Sleepless nights before a maths' test will soon be history as good old ABACUS is making a modest comeback. Maths will, hopefully, be no more a nightmare.

Easy go

ALOHA - Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic is designed to impart arithmetic training to children aged between 6 and 13, to enable them to calculate even the most complex mathematical problems in mind by the Abacus instrument. Claimed to be a mental development programme based on mental arithmetic system, which starts with the use of an Abacus and the child can calculate complex calculations in his mind. ALOHA is said to help in the whole brain development, balancing the left and the right brain, to enable the child gain both logical and creative faculties. Headquartered in Ipoh, Malaysia, ALOHA is affiliated with Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association (MAMAA), which is now a premier institute recognised the world over. ALOHA hasa presence in China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonessia, Australia, New Zealand, theU.S. and Canada.