Autobiography of an Unknown Notebook

I was once a good-looking notebook with clean white pages bound in a beautiful cover. Now, from my pitiable present with half-torn pages and scribbles all over me, I can only live in the memories of my glorious past.

Anyway, let me tell you my story from the beginning. I started as a medical record book for a boy named ‘X’ in a clinic called ‘AB’ Poly Clinic. But X stopped consulting the doctor at the clinic ages ago. The reason being that the doctor started treating him for a kidney problem the first time he went there. (He had actually gone to consult him about an infected wound!) But, I remained with the boy’s family. Now I am an all-in-one scribble book. I’m kept on the computer table in X’s house. Everyone in the family abuses me without mercy. Oh! How I despise these people. My beautiful white pages and clean green cover are now covered in blue and black ink (if not other colours.) I am used for scribbling everything from phone numbers to homework assignments. I especially dislike the boy’s sister who finds it enjoyable to draw in every corner and scribble on every flap. The rest of them are almost equally bad.

I suspect that it is almost time for me to retire. My pages are running out. Most of them are torn out, especially the last ones, which lie in tatters. X’s father has been bothering his daughter to replace me with a new book, which will undoubtedly reach my plight one day. My sympathies are with you, dear successor!

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