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Here’s another collection of stories from an author who is well loved by children.

All of us have heard about the Midas touch and the disastrous consequences that it had for a person who valued wealth more than any thing else. In Greek mythology, Midas or King Midas is popularly remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold.

But not having any such problems is Joachim Frederick D’ Souza, who goes by his pen name J. F. D’ Souza Attavar. Everything he has written so far has turned into gold.

Mr. D’ Souza, one of the few Konkani writers who have a penchant for coming up with good literature for children has published his fourth book in the “Golden Series”.

After the success of his initial book in the series ‘Bangarachi Masli” (Golden Fish), Mr. D’ Souza went on to bring out ‘Bangarachem Chittal” (Golden Deer) and followed it up “Bangarachi Kurad” (Golden Axe). His latest offering is “Bangarachi Imaz”.


A collection of 41 short stories for children, this book which means ‘Golden Image’, reminds one of the story of King Midas. Published by Raknno Publication, the book has a cover illustration by Pinto Vamanjoor.

The book is a compilation of the various stories that Mr. D’ Souza had penned for Konkani publications.

“I have selected the best among the lot and compiled them in to this latest offering for children,” he says.

The script of these stories written in Kannada makes it an apt literary offering for those who understand Kannada. Mr. D’ Souza, a retired superintendent from the department of forests, began his literary career in the 1960s.

He initially wrote short stories and articles for Konkani weeklies such as ‘Jhello’ and ‘Mithr’ under the pseudonym Jeffrey Kumar Jeppu. It was post retirement that he switched over to the new pseudonym.

Mr. D’ Souza after penning the second book in the ‘Golden’ series had expressed his intent to bring out at least six or more such books. He is well on his way to achieving his dream of half-a-dozen books.

Incidentally, the latest in the series has the least number of stories. The first three books had 50, 57 and 45 stories respectively.

“It is a matter of compiling the stories already published,” he says and adds, “The number varies due to various reasons, including the need to accommodate illustrations and other supporting material. But, no one will apparently complain as long as the ‘golden’ stories keep flowing from his pen.



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