The animals in these parks are going to lose their home soon. Here’s a chance to help them.

Children love animals. They love reading about them. They love pictures of them. But, above all, they love to see them.

Visiting a zoo is very important for children to learn to love animals in life. And, of course, learning about animals is fun. Vijayawada might not have a zoological park for children to spend time watching animals and birds.

But, there are two parks –— Rajiv Gandhi Park and Raghavaiah Park –— that have some birds and animals for the visitors’ delight.

One can see love birds, pigeons, tortoises, guinea pigs and fowls, peacocks, Japan fowls and fish aquariums in the these parks.

The parks also have rabbits and stags. The population of pigeons touched 50 recently. When the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC), a couple of years ago, opened enclosures for birds, there were only five pigeons.

Animal world

There are about 10 geese, called Khazana Baathulu in Telugu, which play right alongside the enclosures in the park during evenings.

Don’t forget to look up, as monkeys aren’t shy about climbing on trees erected in the enclosures. Just like us, animals love to eat and feeding time usually means lots of activity and a chance to see animals get a bit more playful.

The park attendants feed the birds with grains like finger millets and pearl millets.

In all, there are 200 birds, fish and animals. They can be seen and photographed in the enclosures while you move around the park.

Help them out

But, this fun may not last longer, as the municipal authorities are toying with the idea of handing over the birds and animals to the forest department.

The VMC authorities believe that maintenance of the birds and animals is difficult in view of the non-availability of a Veterinary Assistant Surgeon (VAS) and rising expenditure on feed.

Expressing concern over this decision some people suggested that a bird or an animal could be adopted, so that its maintenance does not become a burden to the corporation.

As there is no zoo in the city, it is also necessary to maintain these enclosures, they say.

If you are one among those who would like these birds and animals to remain in the park, talk to your friends and convey your collective feelings to the VMC authorities in a form that you think appropriate.