Weighing down romance?

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If you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, it may be because either you or your significant other is weighed down with passion-dulling pounds. Excess belly fat triggers inflammation in your arteries, which makes them unable to secrete nitric oxide and less able to enlarge. The result is reduced blood flow not just to your heart, but also to other critical organs, including your genitals. And you’ve got no go without enough blood flow. While this is especially true for men (Viagra increases nitric oxide’s effects), it affects women, too.

Emotionally, excess weight can crush satisfaction and self-esteem. Extremely overweight women are even more likely than men to report less satisfaction with their sex life.

But when you start to reclaim your health by losing weight and exercising, wonder of wonders, the pot boils, the steam rises, the room spins ... you get the idea. And it doesn’t take a lot to stoke the fires. Losing just 13 percent of body weight can change women’s and men’s self-image from unattractive to woohoo!

So you’ve got nothing to lose by getting healthier and enjoying more romance!



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