"Double-edged weapons" (April 9) threw light on the importance of antibiotics. Creating awareness about the use of antibiotics among people is of great significance as most of the people use antibiotics without the doctor's prescription. Incorrect and erroneous use of these antibiotics can lead even to death. S. Alagiavanan,
CoimbatoreAt a time when quick and instant relief is sought, the use of antibiotics has become the order of the day. Pharmacists invariably dispense the medication and also advise the dosages. It is thus vital that the message of Dr R.Narasimhan (April 9) that antibiotics are double-edged weapons, is consistently brought home to people.P.M. Gopalan,
Sturtevant, the U.SThe article on use/misuse/abuse of antibiotics was interesting. But who will educate the clinicians about the use of antibiotics? At least in Kerala, a large number of doctors prescribe the most potent and the most expensive ones for the slightest of reasons or sometimes for no reason at all. Can I say: "Physician heal thyself?"M.C. Mohanan,
Thrissur, Kerala

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