Too much cricket?

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This has reference to the article “The carnival continues” by Suresh Menon (May 2). The Twenty20 World Cup that is in progress in the West Indies is certainly not as gratifying as one would have expected it to be. It's probably because the economic law of diminishing marginal utility (which states that when an individual consumes more of a good or service continuously, his desire for the successive units will be diminishing) is in operation, thanks to the IPL and the World Cup happening in quick succession. After all, ‘Familiarity breeds contempt', to quote a proverb.

S. Ramakrishnasayee

Principal, DAV-BHEL School


The lost city

The article “In search of Muziris” by A. Srivathsan (May 2) enunciates well the Greco-Roman sea links with South India during the early centuries of Christian era. Several Near-East and West Asian texts refer to a famous port Musiri going back to about 1000 BC or even earlier. This port is yet to be identified. Who knows, Muziris on the Kerala coast could well provide a clue to the discovery of this ancient site.

Rev. Philip Mulley


After sensationalism

Of late the media is under severe attack from various quarters, including judicial fora, for transgressing individual freedom and their privacy in its reporting. They resort to this practice for the sake of getting some fodder for sensationalism with least concern for journalistic ethics, fair and objective reporting. Before losing its total credibility in the eyes of the people, the Indian media should avoid sensationalism and trial of the alleged to be accused. This becomes a necessity since those under the media scanner do not get the space or opportunity to present their view in public in the matter. What an ordinary reader / TV watcher expects is an unbiased and objective presentation of facts.

G. Kulandaivelu


The article is a reminder of the strong sexist bias women face in society today. The media loves women, for the right or the wrong reasons. Beauty pageants, women models for advertisement campaigns for non-gender based products like automobiles and computers, women on lifestyle magazine covers are examples to prove that women play a major part in commercial successes. But every now and then, women also have to undergo ‘trial by the media' which delves into the most private niches of their lives, exposing their insides, unmindful of the permanent hurt to their psyche. Khushboo, Sania Mirza and now Sunanda Pushkar are living examples. The reason for such an attitude is obvious. We have a male dominated society and corporate world that hold the cards. There is a true shortage of women at the top. Let us have more Kiran Majumdar Shaws, Chanda Kochers, Indra Nooyis dominating our business circles, and more Shobha Des and Kiran Bedis in social circuits, and let us then watch the transformation.

Dr. Shaila S. Shenoy


The Sunanda Pushkar episode has made us once again think over the attitude of society towards women. It compels us to think whether there will be a world free of prejudices against women. The success of a woman is always suspected by men. At work places women have to tolerate the environment which is conducive for women and it is said that a woman cannot get any kind of success without putting her dignity and self-respect at stake. Women always have had to face such innuendoes and they can only ignore such remarks. So the Sunanda Pushkar episode should make us think about the equality of sexes in work places and to provide a healthy environment for them.

Neelofar Kohri


No answers yet

Nirupama Subramanian provides a chilling account of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi. The UN Commission of Inquiry exposes serious security lapses and to some extent answers the planning that was going on before her killing. It also shows the justice system in the country in a poor light. As long as these militant and terrorist outfits thrive, it will be difficult to find out the motive behind her assassination.

Deepa Nagaraj


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