Britain's new status symbols on wheels.

Guess what is set to become this summer’s hottest status symbol for Britain’s celebrity mums? With the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate William, expected to have a baby in July, all eyes are said to be on the kind of buggy she will choose for her baby. For whichever brand or model she chooses is likely to become a must-have buggy for other rich and famous young parents — just as her handbags and shoes have.

“They were once a rickety, fold-up contraption created simply for getting a child from A to B. Today’s buggies, however, are status symbols on wheels with price tags to match and waiting lists for the top new models,” said The Times . Apparently there are top-end models, popularised by glamorous mothers like Victoria Beckham that cost more than a cheap car.

Fashionistas are not the only ones watching the buggy scene. There is reportedly a scramble among manufacturers to plug their buggies to the Duchess, aware that it is the surest way to capture the market. Sell it to the royalty, and you’re king of the buggy market overnight.

Such is the demand for designer models that thefts have soared, with crime figures showing a significant rise over the past three years; and there is a flourishing flea market in Victoria-Beckham style buggies. “Watch out for buggy wars this summer,” warns a fashion observer.

Hasan Suroor