Excellent contribution by Dr. Aradhya. We need leaders like him to drive this and transform the schools across India.

Velmurugan Srinivasan

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The aura of Austen

A beautiful write-up! The sheer number of books that has followed — The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy (Elizabeth Bennet, of course!), The Pemberley Chronicles, Searching for Pemberley, Eliza’s daughter, Willoughby’s return — stand testimony to Austen’s relevance.


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My money,

your money

The author raised a very serious issue but treated it lightly. For millennia, men controlled family lives through finances. That might have been acceptable when he was solely responsible for earning money to support the family. Now women have begun to enter the workforce and earned the right to the privileges that come with it. Under the new and emerging circumstances, partners in a marriage should behave like business partners.

Som Karamchetty

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Vijay Nagaswami lacks understanding of human nature. Most men AND women need the Man to be the provider and protector. Else why would most women, even in developed countries, only marry men who earn more than they do? After all the fluff is said about what we want in our partners, for the man it’s the beauty, for the woman it’s the wallet.


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As easy as A-B-C?

Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) are grossly misunderstood and understudied in India. The popular Inclusive Education movement has somehow neglected SLDs, as its primary focus remains on differently abled children. Hence, classroom intervention for SLDs continues to be generic than specific. Dyslexia and Dysgraphia should be studied in relation to the linguistic peculiarities of Indian languages.

Dr Abdul Gafoor

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