Rev up your willpower

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Your weight-loss willpower can vamoose with great speed when faced with a cookie or a plate of fried chicken. But if you want to stay on track, you can rev up your stick-to-it engine and cruise to the finish line thinner, healthier and with a younger RealAge.

Want to motor up your willpower and supercharge your self-control? Here’s what to focus on:

Strengthen your desire to feel better and look great. Try meditating for 10 minutes a day.

Do willpower exercises. If you have the urge to eat something that’s not healthy, decide to flex your willpower muscles instead. Give yourself a pep talk. As you use those muscles, they grow stronger and stronger.

Flex your other muscles as you tell yourself you will do the best, right thing. Doing that along with simultaneously exerting your willpower, reinforces it and makes it easier to reach your goal.

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