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Ready, set, glow

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For skin that’s healthy (an attractive colour), wealthy (nicely plumped-up) and wise (flexible, with a ready memory), you have to do more than splurge on not-so-magic but oh-so-expensive cosmetics. You need to nourish your skin with fruits and vegetables. Eating lots gives your skin a healthier, golden glow, compared with people who don’t eat enough. What’s “lots”? Answer: at least five servings a day, but nine is ideal. Go for it!

To really get that glow, scoop up fruits and veggies high in vitamin C and beta carotene, which gives foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, red chilli peppers, apricots, apples and cherries their orange-red hue.Carotenoids add a 14-karat burnish to dark skin and a light “tan” to fair skin. (They also ease inflammation and protect vision.)

There are many other ways fruits and veggies give your skin an inside-out makeover. Three examples:

Avocados, lentils and beans, including soybeans, are rich in biotin, essential for healthy skin.

Spinach and kale are also super, if surprising, sources of beneficial carotenoids, although not necessarily yellow-orange ones.

Pomegranates have polyphenols that help skin stay thick, firm and elastic.

So dish up a big plateful and it’s ready, set, glow.



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