This is with reference to ‘Being Hillary’, by Kalpana Sharma. The article did not keep up to its promise of salvaging ‘Hillary the woman’ from the male bastion of politics. Not because it lacked in arguments supporting the hypocrisy of a country that boasts of having liberated the woman eons ago but because there was no evidence in support to the claims of the author that Hillary had received a gender-based bashing. There were faint allusions to instances where Hillary might have been the victim of gender bias.

There was mention of both the print and visual media too being cited as culprits that had indulged in making personal comments on Hillary. But no concrete examples were given. Being a woman, the cause of womanhood is close to my heart and I was looking for something more in the article that would support the author’s claims that Hillary suffered due to her womanhood.

Anita Kainthla