Shashi Tharoor has added new dimensions to his Malayali chauvinism in his "In praise of questions" (November 12). Malayalam films are only as good or as bad as those of the other languages. Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Satyan Antikkad have their peers among filmmakers from the other states. To claim that only Keralites are aware of writers like Garcia Marquez, Gunter Grass and Milan Kundera is sheer absurdity and painfully chauvinistic. The social equality that one comes across in Kerala is a mere delusion. The Krishna temple in Guruvayoor does not permit the entry of non-Hindus and the Sabarimala temple forbids women. Is this social equality? Shashi Tharoor should have told us how Kerala would have fared on the economic front, but for the massive NRI remittances. It is high time that Tharoor stopped bragging about the illusory virtues of Keralites. T.S. Pattabhi Raman,
CoimbatoreIt is incomprehensible why after making such a sweeping statement ("there's no such thing as Malayali chauvinism"), the author jumps on to why Malayalis could be chauvinistic. Firstly, there can be no justification for chauvinism as history of any people clearly shows. Secondly by taking arbitrarily selected criteria and arguing in favour or against a group is not justified. Thirdly Tharoor is silent about the negative aspects of Kerala. Lastly, trying to be precise about imprecise things like language and culture is pointless and serves no purpose. Tharoor could make more constructive use of his column space. Prasath Rangan,
PuducherryThe article made an entertaining read. I would not call him a "Malayali Chauvinist". His obsession with his native land is quite understandable. When one is away from home the longing for the place does grow intense. Anyway, Tharoor is simply presenting the exciting face of Kerala. If V. Gangadhar can exoticise a simple dish like Thayir Saadam (curd rice), Mr. Tharoor might as well draw on the beauty of god's own land. Prabha Muthukrishnan,
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