Some more info

Wonderful article. (“A for Aksharit” by Ushamrita Choudhury, August 12). Have the three young entrepreneurs had any success marketing this product? Also, would be nice if we could get some kind of information on how the game works and some dope on the kind of tie-ups they have in place.

Namit Gupta

So like the Mahatma

With reference to the excerpts from Jinnah vs Gandhi , in the Magazine dated August 12, it’s really easy to misinterpret Gandhi as a fascist or compare him with Hitler. But Gandhi was full of humanity that egoistic political observers, the power-blind British and its media were incapable of understanding the strength of simplicity that was the real message of Gandhi. There are millions like Gandhi in each of our families. It is the Indian society that respects and understands.

Arvind K. Arya

Accent on civic needs

I loved this article (“A Puneri in Kashmir” by Siddharthya Swapan Roy, August 12). It is a refreshing take on the moral police of Kashmir (and elsewhere — they’re all the same).

The length of a woman’s skirt should not be a priority in a country where sanitation and clean drinking water are not accessible to the majority. If people are going to campaign, they ought to campaign for that!


How big the loss

Really sad to hear about the plight of storks as pictured in Riju Raj Konwar’s “Stork Realities” (August 12).

Let’s forget about other countries and for a moment concentrate on India’s situation; we will realise that after Independence we never had a long-term policy for most of the basic amenities, as well as our flora and fauna. Some of the policies have only led to destruction. We will soon realise what we have and all we’ve lost.


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