Inspiring story

What a fantastic success story (Savile Row's India connection by T. Krithika Reddy, March 11) — truly reveals the best of the modern face of India — a marriage of global trends and customers and Indian skills and enterprise. The exceptional tailoring and handwork skills of Indian craftsmen have faced many challenges in the years since the industrial revolution, but these young men show that a renaissance is truly possible, and there are many alternatives to becoming a China 2.0, and yet another workshop of the world. I am also greatly impressed that their enterprise and drive for professional success also recognizes a connectivity to their environment and a desire to give back to it.

Albin Beart

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India needs more such entrepreneurs. We know we have excellent artisans that can work magic. Our Government has let the people down by not helping the private sector to do creative things. It is time more help is provided to Indian artisans so that they can compete both in quality and cost with the rest of the world.

S. Balakrishnan

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Very inspiring and motivating!! Kudos to such men who are proving to the world that we can compete at the highest level of business and have a social conscience at the same time. Well done Gentlemen!


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Justice and peace

Regarding A house for sparrows by Harsh Mander (March 11), comments seem so superficial in the face of the stark reality that was the fate of thousands of innocents in Gujarat of 2002; in 1984 after the death of Indira Gandhi, and countless incidents across in the years in between. For those of us who worked in the camps and with the survivors of the deliberate pogrom or genocide we saw unfold before our disbelieving eyes in Delhi in 1984, we swore we would never let this happen again. And yet it has continued. It will be a long struggle, and will demand the vigilance of many of us wherever we are. We salute all those who continue to fight on relentlessly, and yes reconciliation and forgiveness are required, but it must also see remorse, apology and bringing the guilty to book. Peace can only come when there is Justice.

Lalita Ramdas

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A chance for change?

I am impressed with this young lad and wish him all the very best in his political endeavour to change the socio-economic scenario of the needy of India (How the son rose by Vidya Subrahmaniam, March 11). Buck up young man and make the Yuvraj of every family shine and smile.

Sheker S.

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The glamour and glitz will die down soon and it will be politics as usual in UP. Elections come and go in India and with every election there are some heroes who at the end of their five-year term become villains, only to re-emerge as heroes down the years. The cycle will go on…


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