Topping off the growing stack of great stuff that vitamin D-3 does for you is this good news: Keeping your levels up dramatically lowers your risk for urinary incontinence. Low levels of D-3 It makes women a whopping 170 percent more likely to leak than those with a healthy level of D-3. Why?

The vitamin may help muscle tone in your sphincter, the muscle that stops dribbles. How to be sure you’re not D-ficient? A simple blood test. D-3 levels should be between 50 and 80. If you’re low (up to 75 per cent of folks are, especially in winter), take 1,000 IU of D-3 a day; 1,200 after age 60. Include what’s in your multivitamin and combo calcium-D-3-magnesium pill. Don’t go over 2,000 IU unless your doc says so. Too much can harm bones and kidneys.

Also, take 900 mg of DHA omega-3s daily. These healthy fats help you absorb vitamin D-3 (and do good things for your heart and brain). However, it’s not easy to get enough DHA from food.

Bonus: While helping to keep you dry, D-3 also protects you against asthma, dementia and the flu!