Dr. D. Pushpalatha, Chairperson, Family Welfare Committee, Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India, Hyderabad, replies to this week's questions.I AM an 18-year-old college student. During my periods, which are very irregular, I have severe pain in the abdominal region and also in the back. It continues for seven days after onset of menstruation. I am unable to attend college. My weight is 38 kg. I was advised to take Rediplex tablets. My hands and feet are always cold and I have mouth ulcers. Is this connected with my menstrual problem? Name withheldAnswer: You are probably suffering from a condition known as Endometriosis. Consult a gynaecologist and test your hormone profile, both thyroid and ovarian hormones. An ultrasound of the pelvic organs will tell you if there are any ovarian cysts. In endometriosis, the cells of the uterus' inner lining are implanted in other areas and there will be pain cyclically with hormonal changes. "Chocolate cysts", collection of endometrial tissue may be present and there may be bleeding in the ovarian cysts. You are definitely malnourished and may be anaemic, to judge by your cold and clammy extremities and mouth ulcers. After investigations, appropriate medication, cyclic hormones, danazol, iron, B-complex and folic acid may be prescribed. In some cases, laparascopic surgery may be required.I AM 25 years old and for the past 10 years I have been having severe pain during my periods and a heavy flow. Before this, it used to be extreme pain but the flow was light. I have consulted doctors but they have not given me a permanent remedy. Some prescribe painkillers like cycoplasm and maflal spas. What is my problem and is there a solution? AnshikaAnswer: You have a symptom called spasmodic dysmenorrhoea, probably due to hormonal imbalance. For a regular monthly menstrual cycle, nearly four hormones have to be secreted in sequence. Consult a gynaecologist for further investigations. Cyclic hormone therapy and antispasmodics can give you relief.I AM 18. I have a cyst in the left ovary (6.5 x 6.1 cm). My menstrual cycle is regular and I don't have any problems because of this. What are the complications that are likely because of the cyst and is there any other treatment apart from surgery. Sugandhi Answer: The type of cyst can be diagnosed only after further investigations. The cyst will most probably be a simple serous one and will require laparascopic intervention.MY daughter, 32, has a seven-year-old son. After her son's birth, she had inserted a CUT according to her gynaecologist's advice. She was told that a CUT lasted for 5 years and she would have to insert another one. Now she wants to have another child. Should she remove the CUT? Will it cause any complications? Radhika Menon Answer: The CUT has to be removed for conception. Five years is too long a period to be left in situ.Readers can send their medical questions to Ask The Doc, Magazine,
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