Mita Kapur's "Twilight years" is a heart-rending tale of the old woman who sacrificed herself for her children and what does she get in turn? Kicks and abuses? Such children are the reason why old-age homes sprang up in our society. It's a shame that there is no respect for the old people today. Priyanka Rao,
By e-mailMita Kapur's article truly reveals the depths to which our society has fallen. The 'family unit' nowadays does not include those who helped build it. As soon as one is married the parents are expected to withdraw into the background and become invisible. The usual contention is "they have done their duty". The solution is by caring for each other with loving faithful dispositions. Daniel Manoharan,
VelloreThe article was an eye-opener. Old men and women are considered a "burden" to be taken care of as a duty. In a materialistic world, sons and daughters perceive looking after aged parents as unproductive and non-profitable work. A contented and happy elderly person indicates a healthy and well-adjusted family.K.M.G. Vivekanandam,
MaduraiThe article on the plight of senior citizens made interesting reading. The author could have mentioned the mushrooming of old age homes, which are the result of parents being discarded by their children. Unless the concept of joint family is appreciated and attention is given to the elderly the situation will continue.R. Sekar,
Nalco Nagar, OrissaThe article on the plight of the elderly was heartbreaking. As stated in the article, every person is bound to grow old. Further, it is an undisputed fact that every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. Those ill-treating the aged will be well- advised to keep these factors in mind.K.D.Viswanaathan,