If you are the traditional soul yearning to bring home an unusual version of the tuskered God, discover Ma Passion’s exclusive range of hand carved Ganesha idols. Priced between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 3,00,000, each figure comes with its unique chapter in exemplary craftsmanship from the hands of the famous Jaipuri artists, proficient in the 5000-year-old art of carving and hailing from the Kumawat community

The Revered Blush

Price: Rs 1,80,000

The labour of love of eight months of dedicated carving, this 20 kg exquisite Ganesha is shaped from a single block of rose quartz that originally weighed 60 to 80 kg. The presence of this idol in your home brings with it healing properties and the power to promote a harmonious environment.

The Stellar Quartz

Price: Rs 1,74,000

Fashioned in strawberry complexion out of a 100 kg block of red quartz, this Ganesha weighs 25 kg. The colour of passion and power works its magic through the God’s benign gaze on all your financial dealings.

The Thinking God

Price: Rs 1,65,000

The riveting dark green aventurine took a year to morph magically from stone. Weighing 40 kg, this version is popularly brought in with great reverence in work environs as Lord Ganesha in this avatar brings financial gains and a sense of well being.

Available at: Ma Passion’s exclusive store at the Grand Hyatt in Santa Cruz, Mumbai.

Walk into the treasure trove of over 1000 Ganesha idols in yellow opal, dendrite agate, blue chalcedony, African ruby, lapis lazuli, jasper and aquamarine ranging from 3 inches to 24 inches)