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Food and supplements alter how genes function. That means you need to take in the right proportion of nutrients from the right sources.

Many think of supplements as a smart choice but that’s only if they have the right dose and if it’s hard to get what they contain from your daily diet.

Mega-doses of supplements increase the risk of cancer! But getting the right amount of nutrients from green veggies, fruits, fish and nuts protects against all kinds of diseases, including the Big C. Here are great sources:

Selenium: Your goal is 70-200 micrograms daily. Try tuna, cod, turkey and sunflower seeds or just 1 Brazil nut a week!

Folic acid: Your goal is 800 micrograms daily, about half from food. That’s half a cup of lentils plus one cup papaya plus eight asparagus spears a day; also try spinach, avocado or cantaloupe. Take in a little more if pregnant.

Beta-carotene: Converted by the body into vitamin A. Choose sweet potatoes (one equals five times the recommended daily dose of A), spinach, carrots, cantaloupe and mangoes. Take a multi with less than 2,500 IU; if pregnant, take less than 3,500 IU daily.



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