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`THE most important food in Indian kitchens is Yoghurt or `curds' that is associated with cultural, social and religious practices.Yoghurt is a by-product of milk... The strongest influence on Indian food is religion and [this] results in the most delicious vegetarian cuisine. It is an important source of nutrition and has the unique quality of being eaten in its natural form or made tastier by adding a range of vegetables, spices and condiments. It can also be cooked into a variety of dishes.This book provides a range of recipes based on yoghurt from the Tamil-Brahmin kitchen. It chronicles dishes from starters to side and main dishes, tiffin varieties and desserts.The recipes are simple and made with modern equipment available in any kitchen. The dishes take minimum time to cook and contain common ingredients.A Healthy Taste of Indian Culture: Cooking with Yoghurt, Viji Varadarajan, Orient Enterprises, 2006, p.40, Rs. 195.



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